Salary and House Rent Income

  • Salary income
  • Rent income
  • PF withdrawal and FD interest
  • Donations

Capital Gain Income

  • Everything in plan A
  • Capital gains from sale of shares,
  • mutual funds & property
  • Income from lottery, awards & gaming

Business Income - Non Audit

  • Everything in plan B
  • Business having upto 200 transactions
  • Prepration of balance sheet, P&L.
  • Audit fee extra, if required


An income tax return (or ITR) is a form where taxpayers declare their taxable income, deductions, and tax payments. The process of filing income tax returns is known as income tax filing.

While filing your ITR, total income tax you owe to the government, if any, is also calculated and details of payment of such tax is also provided in ITR form. If you’ve paid tax more than your actual liability for the financial year, the IT Department will issue refund of the excess amount paid by you to your account. If you have underpaid taxes for the year, ITR can be filed only after payment of such taxes.
Income tax return form ranges from ITR 1 to ITR 7, different forms are  used for different types of income. Some forms are longer than the others, and may need additional disclosures such as balance sheet and a profit and loss statement information.


Preparing computation of income.

Reviewing for any missed out deductions.

Calculating tax.

Discussing calculations with you.

Paying tax, if payable.

Preparing ITR.

Uploading ITR.

E-verify ITR.

Receive Refund, if any.



Salaried people

  • TDS certificatein form 16 (both part A and part B).
  • Income tax login ID and password.
  • Details/ copies of tax saving investments.
  • Bank Statement to check any other income.

Other Cases

  • TDS certificates in form 16A, if any.
  • Income tax login ID and password.
  • Revenue and Expenditure details.
  • Details of property purchased or sold, if any.
  • Details of shares purchased or sold, if any.
  • Bank Statement to check any other income.


Indeed, deducting TDS and recording an income tax return are two unique things. Actually, you record an expense form to show that you’ve paid all the duty you expected to pay. The annual income tax return is likewise an exceptionally valuable archive with regards to applying for credit or visa. 

Extraordinary inquiry! There are nine structures – ITR 1, 2, 2A, 3, 4, 4S, 5, 6 and 7 for each kind of assessment circumstance. Truly, picking the right personal tax document is a great deal of work. This is the reason on the off chance that you are e recording with us, we consequently choose the right income tax return form. 

You can pay duty to the administration straightforwardly on the Income Tax Department site utilizing your net banking account with challan 280. 

Truly, you can file income tax returns for the years you have missed. In any case, you can document earlier year returns physically in the wake of reaching your Assessing Officer. For F.Y 2017-18, you can just re-record the annual income tax return forms up to 31 March 2019. No previous years’ profits can be e-documented. 

ITR-V is a 1-page archive that you get after e-documenting your income tax return form. You should print, sign and send it to the Income Tax Department inside 120 days from e-documenting your income tax return form. 

You can in any case document your government form without Form 16. You’re simply going to require your payslips. Adhere to the guidelines on this manual for e-document without Form 16. 

You can document ITR 1 if the horticultural salary is up to Rs 5,000. For rural pay surpassing Rs 5,000, you need to document ITR 2.To think about ITR 2.Click here. 

ITR return structures are connectionless structures and, subsequently, the citizen isn’t required to join any archive (like verification of speculation, TDS declarations, and so forth.) alongside the arrival of salary (regardless of whether recorded physically or documented electronically). Notwithstanding, these reports ought to be held by the citizen and ought to be delivered before the expense specialists when requested in circumstances like an appraisal, request, and so on. 

The overabundance charge paid can be guaranteed as a discount by documenting your income tax return form. It will be discounted to you by crediting it in your financial balance through ECS move. Try not to commit errors in referencing bank subtleties, for example, account number, IFSC code and so forth in the ITR structure. 

You should record your arrival before the due date, in the event that you have supported misfortune in the budgetary year and in the event that you need to convey forward it to the ensuing year for alteration against consequent years positive pay. Misfortune can be conveyed forward just on the off chance that you have documented the arrival asserting such misfortune before the due date. 

You can look for the assistance of contracted bookkeepers and offices devoted to ITR recording. It is more shrewd not to permit anybody to have your PAN and secret key to forestall any sort of misrepresentation. Additionally, you can generally take help from CA to document IT returns. With us, you can get a specialist CA to compute your assessments and e-record your income tax return for your sake. See Prices here